Kuumba is unique in her proposition to her clients, working between spirit, intuition and real logic combined. Not for the faint hearted as she asks the tough questions and takes you on a journey of self discovery, if you keep faith in both her and yourself then you will be well rewarded.
David Francis
Entrepreneur & Investor

When I first consulted Kuumba, I was stuck in a rut with no clear direction.
I created little time for my own needs, recognised that I suffered with procrastination and did not believe in myself enough.

Through our work together, I have created time for my photography; identified the unhealthy beliefs that hold me back; understood what underlies my procrastination and learnt to put my needs first - that we only have one life!

The results of my work with Kuumba have been the completion of my MSc.
I have set up my private counselling practice from scratch; realised and valued my creativity through photography and my newly found love of writing poetry.

Kuumba won't allow you to be static. You are constantly moving, growing, learning about yourself. I have discovered so many of my wonderful layers that I did not know I had.

Marcia Atkinson
Counsellor & Poet

Before working with Kuumba I was full of self doubt, I felt lost and didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I have now with Kuumba's guidance, realised my self worth, what I am capable of and have found my passion and have an idea of a whole new career path. The relationship with my father which was none existent is now on the mend. My relationships with everyone around me have improved. I am so much more happier on a day to day basis and have removed anyone out of my life who didn't value me. But above all that I have a new found peace of mind. My life and state of being is a lot more calmer and peaceful.

The one to one coaching has helped me enormously, Kuumba has guided me on my journey inwards, she has helped me understand myself and to see how I am in control of everything around me.

I would and already have recommended my friends & family to work with Kuumba. After seeing the impact of my own growth I would love to see that for the people I care about.

Rukayah Megeri
Reiki Practioner
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