Do you have a 
big vision?

Do you dream of doing Great Things?

I can help you.

I lead a transformational coaching practice that helps people who are ready to do great things in the world. From entrepreneurs and executives to creatives and healers, I work with people just like you to help them see and be more of who they really are.

In our work together, I will challenge, support and encourage you to look at your life and the person you have become in ways that you have probably never thought of.

We will discover and develop the best parts of who you are, and I will share tools and practices with you that will help to raise your energetic frequency, then lovingly guide you to step out into the world and do the thing that you came here to do.

My Approach

My approach is a Transformational Coaching Process that guides you 
into a deeper sense of self awareness.


I deliver transformational coaching that prepares people who are ready to do great things in the world. 

When I work with you, you'll receive both the inspiration and insight to shift your energy and emotions and the practical information and implementation tools needed to help you develop your clarity and confidence.


The work is structured to run over 6, 9 or 12 months, in the form of a client-led programme that focuses specifically on your needs.

 It is designed to support your success by consistently strengthening your self-knowledge, challenging your beliefs and holding you to a higher standard.


My corporate training incorporates a bespoke coaching programme of Clean Communication, Energy Redefinition and 1-1 coaching with senior management.

It has the transformational effect of empowering staff members to express themselves clearly, reduces conflicts and increases employee job satisfaction.

What People are Saying ...

Marcia Atkinson

Counsellor and Poet - London

I completed my MSc, started my private practice... thanks to Kuumba.

 When I first consulted Kuumba, I was stuck in a rut with no clear direction. I created little time for my own needs, recognised that I suffered with procrastination and did not believe in myself enough. She will not allow you to be static. You are constantly moving, growing, learning about yourself.

David Francis

Entrepreneur and Investor - Kent

A combination of spirit, intuition
 and logic.

Kuumba is unique in her proposition to her clients, working between spirit, intuition and real logic combined. Not for the faint hearted as she asks the tough questions and takes you on a journey of self discovery, if you keep faith in both her and yourself then you will be well rewarded.

Maxine Smith

Equine Facilitator - Forest of Dene

Kuumba Nia is a very special lady. 

 She approaches each client with a personal and professional touch which immediately puts clients at ease.  She is understanding, knowledgeable and very intuitive to their needs.  Her easy, relaxing manner coupled with professional attitude brings a flavour of caring, honesty and truth to each workshop with each client looking forward to the next one. ​ 

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